Hawaii Part IV

Saturday in Hawaii…started out with Trish sneaking out of the hotel to do some grocery shopping. I was sleeping in anyway thanks to the late night I just had playing guitar hero II with Corey. Trish came back with biscuits from a bakery nearby. They were huge and yummy! Hit the spot.

We were slow to move but we did manage to get up and out over to the swap meet they seem to have every Saturday at Aloha Stadium parking lot. We got there a little late since they close up shop at about 2 or 3 but we did miss the heavy rain that was there earlier, so that was good.

We kinda went nuts on buying all kinds of stuff. I can’t remember all of it right now but that’s ok. It was very hot and muggy while we were there but we still had lots of fun.

When we came back to town, wondering what and where to eat, I couldn’t think of anything that I really wanted besides mexican food. So we went to Compadres for nachos and to relax. It was very nice.

We sat rihgt at the window where you can see Ala Moana park and the people that walk through or around it. We also got the fish tacos, and I gotta tell you…those were really really good! Yeah, it seemed kinda lame at the time to go have mexican food in Hawaii rather than plate lunches but I guess I was in a plate lunch overload or something so the chips and salsa really hit the spot!

After a little walking around at Ward center, we drove around Magic Island and Ala Moana park. It’s so cool to see these people that used to be me and my family, getting out of the water and having picnics and playing in the sand or grass.

We then drove down to Kapiolani Park by the aquarium, parked and walked over to The Wall to see the sunset and to watch the sand volleyball players. Trish used to be one of those girls, wearing just a bikini, diving all over the sand to get the ball back over the net, getting sand all over! She ran into an old friend and we chatted a while. I took a bunch of pictures of the volleyball action and the ensuing sunset.

We were beat after all of that so we went back to the hotel and chilled and crashed for the night. So old and boring yeah? heh heh.

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