Hawaii Part VI

Today was our last day for this trip. We fell asleep accidentally last night when we had planned to do all of the packing. So we spent this morning doing it all. No worries since our flight is a late night flight so we had all day to play one last time. Trish found a way to stash all of our loot in our bags. She had the foresight to buy a decent suitcase while at the swap meet Saturday. Were it not for that moment of split second decision making, we would not have been able to fit all this stuff into our goodie bags! Yay Trish!

We checked out of the hotel and drove down Kalakaua Avenue to Eggs n Things, a popular breakfast spot and one of Trish’s favorite places to eat. The waiting list was about 45 minutes long, which was all the time we had on our street parking meter that we had just fed coins into. So we blinked and pouted at the cashier/hostess and she asked if it was OK if we sat at the “bar” they had, which was the shape and look of a very large surfboard. We agreed and were seated in about 5 minutes, bypassing about 20 people who were waiting before us. Sorry guys, our meter is running and we gotta et moving!

I had the biggest, baddest Portuguese sausage omelette on hash browns and some sourdough toast. Trish ordered the famous buttermilk pancakes, and we shared each others’ food. It was some of THE best pancakes and the biggest Portuguese sausage ANYthing I had ever had! Good call Trish! I had never gone there my whole Hawaiian life. It was about time.

We then moseyed (mosied?) over to the ABC store (one of like a zillion on the island) and window shopped. See, we were just about out of money by then and had to keep things simple. We went to 7-11 once more and I took pictures of the display case where the bentos, musubi, sushi and other yummy things are. So pretty dat one! I wish we had such options in Texas.

We then went to Ala Moana again to walk around the top floor since we pooped out after only two floors last time. So old, yeah, us? They really did change things up there. They have restaurants up there and more stores. Ala Moana is metastasizing! Sheesh! I can still remember playing in the sandbox right out in front of the mall, lower level, by the Keeaumoku side of the parking lot. That’s been gone a while, but.

We had to go to Longs one more time, just cuz. They have SO much of everything. We even saw this one local Asian chick putting on lipstick in the mirror in the makeup section, and it wasn’t her makeup and she wasn’t buying the stuff she was using, so….dang that’s just tacky.

I got a couple of trinket gifts for some of the people that I have to go back home and work with just about every day. A little kindness goes a long way there, I believe.

We got all pooped again (tired feet mostly) and left Ala Moana for good. We got a wild hair and decided to go up to Tantalus over Makiki, my old stomping grounds. The road was closed so we had to just stop in front of some rich dude’s house and took photos of Honolulu from the street. Not too shabby of a view I must say.

We then drove up Manoa Valley just cuz and took lots of pictures of the valley and the luch front yards all over the place. On the way down Punahou street I remembered to snap some photos of Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children, where Sarah was born. I know she will be very interested to see these pics. She really wanted to come with us on this trip. We have to bring the whole family next time for sure.

Trish wanted to see the Pali lookout on this trip and we still had many hours to use so we drove on up Pali Highway to the lookout. It was very windy today, perhaps having something to do with hurricane Flossi on its way over, changing air pressure and making wind. It was a blast up there! Lots of people were leaning into the wind and jumping up and landing a few inches downwind. Everyone, young and old, was acting like kids, including us! We took some pics. The view is still quite breathtaking from up there!

We drove down toward Kaneohe and hopped onto H-3 to see the sights on that newer freeway. It was a smooth ride and afforded us some spectacular views of the Ko’olau mountains up close. I videotaped almost the entire stretch of freeway on my phone while driving. Should be up on youtube later tomorrow. The freeway dumps you into Halawa, right by Aloha Stadium, where you can connect to H-2 or H-1, which is what we did.

We had the idea that we should spend some of our last few dollars in Hawaii on Grace’s chicken katsu plate lunches, which we did with no hesitation. We got the food to go and drove down to Magic Island for a pre-sunset picnic. It was SO peaceful there. I really think that’s my favorite spot on the island. Diamond Head is the backdrop to the east, where you can see the Ala Wai boat marina and people surfing out at Kaisers, all of this in front of the famous Waikiki skyline leading to Diamond Head. Just classic Honolulu to me, and I love it and always will. The breeze was perfect and the water was gorgeous!

The only thing left to do after that was to top off the gas on the rental car, turn it in, check in at the airport, grab a diet coke and a seat at one of the airport cafes and sit and blog this day’s activities on my little phone. I am amazed I have been able to keep up on it all with this little phone! It sucked not having internet access at all at our hotel, but it all worked out OK.

So we bid Honolulu a fond Aloha for now. Until we meet again.


PS – this trip was Super Kawaii! That’s Super Cute in Japanese!
PSS – uh..yeah we are Harajuku lovers, ya!

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