5 Ways To Get Past Writer’s Block

We’ve all heard the saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” So what about bloggers? What if we have nothing to say at all? Does it mean that we don’t have anything nice to say? Is it the rule in reverse? Not hardly. Bloggers don’t always have nice things to say, and they usually will let it all out, no matter what.

But there is such a thing as writer’s block, and bloggers are not immune to it. If you find yourself in this situation, here are a couple of ideas that might help spark something to get you out of your funk and get back to writing.

  • Go ahead and write about nothing
    • Remember Seinfeld? The hugely popular show about nothing? It was not only hilarious, but was actually a show that many people were able to relate to. You never know if your “nothing” is going to make a connection to a reader’s “nothing”
  • Start writing the first thing that comes to mind
    • No matter how stupid it may seem at first, the drafts and notes you write can be the catalyst for a great idea later. Also note that it might not be in the same day that the inspiration comes, so keep all of your drafts and notes handy so you have a launching point when the topic comes back up
  • Consider “not writing” not an option.
    • ANYone can sit at a computer keyboard and write SOMEthing, even if it’s just smashing fists into the keyboard like this: lbawpi aci beaiboarnjiaiouqreflob qre, something you might see if a toddler was left alone at the helm of your computer. This is, at least, SOMEthing and you have taken the step of sitting yourself down in front of the all-too foreboding blank page, and have changed it from blank to not blank. This one step may be the thing that gets you inspired to write something. You will definitely NOT write something inspiring if you are not writing anything at all.
  • Make it easier on yourself to get ideas down quickly
    • Some might prefer to carry a small notepad and pen in their pocket or purse. Nowadays you can have digital voice recorders to instantly “jot down” ideas in real time, even while driving (Please be careful, though! An injured or dead writer can’t write much.) If you are always in front of a computer, create a special folder or file for ideas that you can access wherever you are. There are tons of online task and calendar oriented applications that can help you manage data (your inspirations) online or on your pda or cell phone. If you don’t have any of these fancy gadgets but do have access to a phone, you can always leave yourself a voice mail and your idea will be ready for you when you find time to check your messages.
  • Read, go out, go do something fun or interesting.
    • When done, or perhaps even before, you will instantly have something to write about. It may not be a topic you need to write about for whatever deadline you may have, but it keeps the brain working and your skills honed. An idea for the topic you are stumped on may jump out at you while stretching out your brain

These five tips are only a few of countless ones that are out there, but are the 5 I felt help me the most now. Feel free to post your own ideas as well, in the comments. Good writing to you all!

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