Comment or Die?

What the hell is the world coming to? We are so wrapped up in our new narcissistic, ego-feeding digital persona – MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Blogs (yeah, like this one, SO??), full names as domain names (again…) and so much more, we should be happy. But no, many are not. Once we have tasted the fruit of “commenting”, there apparently is no cure nor any amount of comments that will quench the rabid thirst that is now rampant online.

I have seen endless pleas from these people for readers to comment their pages, pictures, etc more and more lately. Some ask nicely. Most do not. I have seen one that regularly sends out a MySpace bulletin reading “Comment or Die!” every time new pictures are posted. Today it was “Comment or Die a Thousand Deaths!!”

Um, WTH??

First of all, asking nicely at all is already pretty pathetic. But threatening, even jokingly, that one will die or be harmed if they don’t comment? Are you serious? This does two things:

  1. It alienates your readers/viewers. You now remind them of that kid at school who ate his own boogers just to get attention.
  2. It takes the wind and sincerity out of any potential comment-givers: ones who would have left a comment on their own, without prompting, but now are having second thoughts because you are coming across as a total douche bag.

voteordieJust like P-Diddy’s Vote or Die was such a laughable, raging failure, so too will your Comment or Die campaign. It just needs to be said. Next thing you know, someone is going to snap and go “blog-dal” on everyone and go on a spamming spree or something. Sheesh!

PS – Comment on this post or die!!

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2 thoughts on “Comment or Die?

  1. at this point..death is not an option…so i too will comment…..

    blah..blah blah blahhh, blah blah BLAH!

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