Fire burns. Rain Falls. Earth Brings. Windows blows.

Especially Office 2007.


It didn’t last 20 minutes with me. I cannot find the proper words to desribe how painful and frustrating this “upgrade” is. First off, every app looks like a Smurf sneezed all over it. It’s pale blue everything! I have nothing against blue, but this blue blew! It was actually hurting my eyes, looking at everyday emails in Outlook.

Office 2007 is the version for Vista, but can also run in XP. I can only imagine the sick feeling even avid Windows users are feeling, who just bought new machines that have Vista and Office 2007 installed.

Get this: If you don’t like the new “ribbon” interface (replaces traditional menu items at the top of each application), then you have to pay 30 bucks for a utility to get to look normal again. WTH??

I predict backpedaling on an enormous scale by Microsoft’s OS and Office Dev departments. And I never even tried Vista itself either… tsk tsk. Never will either. Get a clue, Microsoft! There are millions of us Windows users who would rather die than allow Macheads across the world feel one bit justified in their smug condescension!

One thought on “Fire burns. Rain Falls. Earth Brings. Windows blows.

  1. Um, yeah, vista sucks. I just got a new laptop, and I’m ready to go back to the 1998 Fujitsu crap with Win 98. Augh.

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