American Idol Hoss Election – Gals

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By “Hoss” I mean me, and by “Election” I mean opinion. Taken from the top 12 Gals in week 1 of the live performances, after the jump:

Best Vocal

Carly Smithson

  Excellent jazzy “Shadow of Your Smile”, but those teeth! Ouch!
Best Song Choice

Alexandrea Washington


“Spinning Wheel”. Oh yeah, funky funky funky!!

Easiest on the Eyes

Kristy Lee Cook


The ‘girl next door’ image is refined once again, although she looked better in the red top at her first audition

Full Package

Syesha Mercado

  Wow! Great spunk, great voice, great attitude, great bod.
Flat Out Worst

Amy Davis


Absolutely slaughtered “Where the Boys Are”, but looked great doing it

Honorable Mention

Amanda Overmeyer


Rocker chick is outstanding, but needs to change it up on the style she sings to get more votes. I mean, I love Janis Joplin, but come on, come on, come on, come on! 😉

Most Interesting Offstage

Kady Maloy

  Great Britney impersonator. Hopefully the singing is all she impersonates!
Most likely smoked pot right before performance

Brooke White


“yeah, it’s 60’s night, man. yeah.”

Votefortheworst says to keep Danny Noriega and Amy Davis. I agree with their picks for the worst, but of course do not want them to stay. What do you think?

One thought on “American Idol Hoss Election – Gals

  1. I like that Brooke White is so nice. I think the Irish girl looks like Boy George, which is unfortunate, and I like Alexandrea more than I thought I would. I like Syesha, too. I think Kady just needs to smile more–the whole don’t-smile-be-mysterious attitude never works for me… you just end up looking PO all the time. There is a lot more talent on the girls side than the boys.

    And I think Danny Noriega and Amy Davis should just go! Get them off the stage!

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