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Here are the results (in my opinion) of the top 10 Guys in week 2 of the live performances, after the jump:

Best Vocal

David Archuleta


Once again, David shows that he has the best chops with John Lennon’s “Imagine”. He did a bunch of melisma with it, but it worked and he made it his and the crowd went nuts. The judges agreed that it was the best.

Best Song Choice

Luke Menard

  “Killer Queen” a difficult song that he pulled off quite well, technically, but didn’t have a Freddie Mercury’s pinky-worth of charisma, except for the whole “Dawson’s Creek” thing.
Chick Magnet

David Archuletta


The chicks were screaming fo this guy tonight.

Full Package

Jason C
Jason Castro


Played guitar again, and I thought it was great. Judges weren’t digging it and told him to go solo next week.

Flat Out Worst

Danny Noriega


“I, like, used to play in a rock band in 9th graaaaayde, yah”. And in response to whether he agreed with Simon’s critique of his performance last week: “uh, -ish. -ish.”

Honorable Mention

Jason Y
Jason Yeager


Great song choice on the Doobie Brothers cover. His voice sounded just like homeboy from the Doobie Bros. The judges hated it.

Most Interesting Offstage

Jason C
Jason Castro


Watching the interview outakes and how Jason is so uncomfortable doing interviews

Most likely to cry after getting kicked in the nuts verbally by Simon

Robbie Carrico


“Why do I have to prove myself?”


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One thought on “American Idol – Top 10 Guys

  1. I think David Archuleta is going to win… or else get a really great record deal. Or lots of pinches on the cheek by screaming fans! Or something! He’s just a cute person on the inside and out… I liked Paula’s comment that she wanted to hang him from her rear view mirror… but he’s so vulnerable!! And I worry about him getting ruined by the business. Whatever happens, I hope he stays true. I’ll be very sad if he goes all Lindsay Lohan.

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