Zoe and Daddy Hang Out Time

IMG_1049, originally uploaded by heyjosh.

This is what I get to do when I get home from a hard day at work. Our little Zoe is starting to recognize us and use her eyes to focus more. This is a great stage in a child’s development, especially for me as the Daddy!

4 thoughts on “Zoe and Daddy Hang Out Time

  1. Really cute! At least she is, I don’t understand how you can have such cute kids, bro. I guess Trish’s looks are dominant.

    Too bad I am 1000 miles away and can’t properly warp your offsprings idea of what is normal! I mean, that is what uncles are for, and between me and Morg, I am sure we could really stretch the bounds of perceived reality 🙂

    Life! LIberty! and the pursuit of those who threaten them!

  2. how cute!!! I cant belive I have another cousin, to bad your far away but i hope to see you all in texas this summer.
    hugs and kisses from both of us

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