Ever notice how TV commercials seem to be much louder than the normal programming? Well, it’s not your imagination. Not only is it very annoying to many, it is also not an accident. Those advertisers pay big bucks to get their 30 seconds of face time with you, and they don’t really care about the volume the programming, but want to make sure their ad is at maximum volume (“But this goes to eleven”).

I am thrilled to see that a member of congress is actually taking this seriously by introducing a bill to make the FCC fix this problem. I hope it passes, although I don’t want the enforcement to get so costly to TV stations that they end up having to make even more ads to make up for the lost money. That would be bad for us consumers.

Of course, we could also simply fast forward through the commercials. Tivo does indeed rule, especially when hacked and the 30-second skip is enabled. I get the feeling advertisers don’t really like that either.


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