Freedom to sit and write a stupid blog in peace

Freedom to live in a decent home. Quite nice, even.

Freedom to fight hard for your favorite Presidential Candidate.

Freedom of religion

Freedom of speech

Freedom to be a complete idiot

Freedom to love

Freedom to hate

Freedom to wear what we want in public

Freedom to screw up

Freedom to forgive

Freedom to have premarital sex and not get rocks thrown at you until you are dead

Freedom to not have to live in constant fear; Tangible fear with close proximity

Freedom to drive around America waving the flag of another country and deciding to not adapt English as the standard tongue

Freedom to install much more amplification for subwoofers than could ever possibly be needed in the trunk of your car and freedom to drive around town making sure everyone around knows it

Freedom to play Grand Theft Auto while real crime happens every minute on the real streets

Freedom talk and let your phone make noises in an over-priced movie theater run by inept imps, further developing in them the concept that customer service died years ago

Freedom to be optimistic

Freedom to go outside and breathe the fresh air whenever we want to

Freedom to swim in vast oceans, lakes, rivers and gulf

Freedom to raise a family

Freedom to give meaningful service

Freedom to have hobbies that cost too much

Freedom to watch TV

Freedom to go online

Freedom to fight for our country

Freedom to oppose any kind of fighting

Freedom to learn

Freedom to live

Freedom to make something of yourself

Freedom to pass the torch to the next generation

God bless those who cherish it, fight for it and make us have to deserve it.

What are you doing with your Freedom?

Josh Haley, July 4, 2008

Houston, TX


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