Big Brother 10 Cast Revealed

Here is the Big Brother 10 cast. Time to watch 13 strangers go stir crazy on national TV for our benefit. It’s also time to feed my kids, so remember to please make sure to take advantage of the live feed trial going on right now. You get 14 days for FREE, and I get a little some’n-some’n for spreading the news.

Angie – 29 Orlando, FL

Brian – 27 San Francisco, CA

Renny – 53 New Orleans, LA

Steven – 35 Opelousas, LA

Michelle – 28 Cumberland, RI

Ollie – 27 Des Moines, IA

Keesha – 29 Sterling, OH

Memphis – 25 Collierville, TN

Libra – 31 Spring, TX

Jessie – 22 Rudd, IA

April – 30 Arlington, NE

Jerry – 75 Wilkes Barre, PA

Dan – 24 Dearborn, MI

Just from these pics, I like Angie and maybe Keesha, but looks can be VERY deceiving. First episode is in two days, but live feeds should be up and running.

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