The Battle of the Davids

The DavidsAmerican Idol comes to a close and the roar of the crowd during and after David Archuleta’s performances was evidence that I was right this whole time :). I predicted that David Archuleta would win the whole thing with David Cook coming in the somewhat coveted second. I say coveted because runners-up at American Idol are the ones who get the biggest record sales (except maybe the first idol, Kelly Clarkson)…

David Cook is going to sell a ton of albums no matter what happens tomorrow night. I think Cook is more talented and more experienced, and is more my style. I’d be happy if Archuleta wins too. He’s LDS, which is a plus. It will be interesting to see how a mormon kid is able to let his light so shine as he goes on tour and does a million press conferences, performances and appearances. We shall see.

Enjoy the finale tomorrow night. Remember they love to pull all kinds of surprises. Remember Prince? Yeah, that was HUGE.

American Idol Top 12 Does the Beatles

I grew up on The Beatles and love all of their music. Tonight’s show was all Beatles tunes, so I was a happy camper. Here’s the rundown as I saw it:

Syesha Mercado – “Got To Get You Into My Life” Not good at all. Totally went flat and could have been SO good, since she was doing the Earth Wind and Fire version and she’s, well…black. But it was too stiff of a performance.

ChikezieChekezie – Home boy went OFF tonight on “She’s a Woman”! I totally dug his performance and the arrangement, which started kinda bluegrassy at first then rocked out. He would have made James Brown as well as Lennon and McCartney proud. Then Ryan went absolutley nuts onstage until he ran out of breath it was completely odd. He even rubbed his sweaty head and had to wipe his hands constantly. VERY STRANGE!

Ramiele Malubay – sang “In My Life”…very….slowly. Ugh… I have heard this song a million times but NEVER have Iscreamed to myself “THIS SONG JUST WON’T END!!” but tonight, Ramiele made it so. I like her OK and she does have a good voice and horrible hair, but needed a much better arrangement and a lot more charisma.

Jason Castro – sang “If I Fell” and did a pretty good job, but he better watch out. pretty good is not enough. And it’s a bummer because I like this guy and think he could go far.
CarlyCarly Smithson – belted out a huge and awesome version of “Come Together” slightly reminiscent of Aerosmith’s version. She has some serious pipes on her and they served her well. She seems to be really proud of her tattoos on her arm. I wish she would cover them up once or twice, but oh well. Tattoos were meant to be shown off I guess.

David CookDavid Cook – sang a daring version of the haunting “Eleanor Rigby” and I say he nailed it! This was a killer rocking version of the song and I bet his song gets a lot of downloads on iTunes. I’ll be looking out for the MP3 for sure. 😉

Brooke White – sang and played piano on “LetBrooke It Be” and she very wisely stayed put at the piano and let her vocal and the simple arrangement shine. I think it’s a mistake for the contestants to do “diva” stuff for Beatles songs like Syesha did, but Brooke’s performance was perfect and she had her Idol moment tonight for sure. She was moved to tears by the end of it, since it was a dream come true for her.

David Hernandez – slaughtered “When I Saw Her Standing There”. Terrible, terrible terrible. Not even close to good. Opposite of good. Vacuum cleaner sucky.

Amanda Overmeyer – “You Can’t Do That”. Of all the Beatles songs to sing…you can’t do that and expect to get through to next week. But then again, is pulling for you, so you just might make it. And am I the only person who thinks she looks and sounds just like Rosanne Barr, give or take a couple hundred pounds?

Michael Johns – sang “Across the Universe”, one of my faves. He kept it simple and I thought he did an OK job. Nothing big happened, so eh. Like Randy says all the time, “it was a’ight, a’ight”.

Kristy Lee Cook – sang “Eight Days A Week” hillbilly style, which was an interesting idea, but it didn’t work. Simon compared her to Dolly Parton…hmm, let’s just leave that that.

Meanwhile, Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell were really getting ugly on live TV with the back and forth jibing.

David Archuleta – HE FORGOT THE WORDS!!! OH MY GOODNESS!! This kid is so talented, then he totally blows it with “We Can Work It Out”. He looked super nervous. He said he knew the Stevie Wonder version of the song…which leads me to ask did I get this far in life not knowing that Stevie covered this song?

So who takes away top honors tonight? I say the top 4 in order are:

  1. David Cook
  2. Chikezie
  3. Brooke White
  4. Carly Smithson

Who’s going home? If I have my way, David Hernandez. “Slider… (sniff sniff) you stink.”


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