You Can’t Write This Stuff

I guess there never really is a good time to bring this up, so now will have to do.

When we, as a family, moved to the Houston area a few years ago, we decided to employ the talents of a realtor agency, even though we were only looking to rent a home at the time. Our mood as caregivers to our then 3 children was past excited and more of a desperate, bordering, panicky in our home search. We waited patiently at a very nice, air-conditioned, quiet office while our 60-something new friend (aka realtor) was looking things up for us: matching criteria, numbers of potties, er toilets, square footage and so forth.

Our kids, especially the 2 boys, were having a hard time keeping still and being quiet, as we really needed them to be in this tense situation. I was horrified when I caught them playing with bouncy balls (you know the super bouncy ones that bounce REALLY far and are noisy and kinda hard?) I tried to keep my “ix-nay on the oise-nay” on the down-low, since it was so quiet and we were trying to give a good impression. They reluctantly complied and put their playthings in their pockets.

Moments later, the older of the two boys slid up to me, with the gravest of faces, staring at the floor and gently complained: “Daddy, why can’t we take our balls out and play with them?”

Uncontrollable laughter ensued.

And darn it if he didn’t lighten the mood instantly. Way to go, spawn of mine.

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If My Daughter Makes it Big as a Bass Player…

IMG_2268, originally uploaded by heyjosh.

…this photo will have a whole new meaning. This is a photo of my daughter playing bass for only the second time ever. Sure, her left thumb is in the wrong place, but she’s just starting.
Note that the late and great bass revolutionary Jaco Pastorius looms in the background. Hmm. I just found this photo to be very insteresting.

Sarah on Ukulele

YouTube Preview Image

Sarah likes to embrace anything having to do with Hawaii, since she was born there. Once I showed her how to play the ukulele (very basic things, a few chords and vamps and this waltz), she can’t seem to get enough of it. Here she is playing a waltz that I learned when I was a kid growing up in Hawaii. I don’t think I ever knew the title of it, so if anyone knows it, please post it here.

Sarah is also still getting used to the idea that in order to share your performance on youtube, you have to be videotaped…duh! She’s shy but she did a great job! I think we’ll keep her.


PS – she just started learning bass guitar yesterday…perhaps she will follow in daddy’s footsteps? Heaven help us.

Zoe and Daddy Hang Out Time

IMG_1049, originally uploaded by heyjosh.

This is what I get to do when I get home from a hard day at work. Our little Zoe is starting to recognize us and use her eyes to focus more. This is a great stage in a child’s development, especially for me as the Daddy!