“Thunder Gauntlet” by Nutnfancy (Shotgun Desert Run)

August 07, 2009 — “InadvertentSmell” and Nutnfancy continue the workout of three quintescential combat pump shotguns after an already long day 12+ hrs of shooting in the mountains.: the Remington 870, Mossberg 590A1, and Winchester 1300. Son “TacticalDoodle” bailed on this session to hang out with his chick so it was just Smell and I doing trigger duty. Previous testing that day and previous ones had taken place high in the mountains and other desert locations. Official slug testing ensued and yielded surprisingly effective results for a simple bead sight at 60 yards laser measured. Fighting both the rapidly waning light and threathening thunderstorms,. we pressed forward into the “Gauntlet,” a dry river ravine I set up where we engaged three steel plates in rapid succession Actiion Targets “Evil Roy” targets on stands. As usual I like getting the heart pumping and adrenaline flowing a bit for all my shooting so running the Gauntlet and its uneven terrain was the order of the night; challenging to keep footing, locate, engage, and reload with speed. A couple of transitions to the Taurus PT1911/Kimber .22 conversion were irrestible. As night fell we lost light for more visible camera shooting but many rounds had been sent and conclusions drawn: all three shotguns performed impressively…fast, accurate, and reliable. This vid is a companion to my “Combat Shotgun Shootout!” tabletop series./////////// Music used is my own and from both Jimmy G and Kevin MacLeod. Their websites are www.jimmyg.us and www.incompetech.com respectively.

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Shell comparison in the Mossberg 500 Rolling Thunder

I do a quick review of some shells I picked up at the gun store. Im using a Mossberg 500 Rolling Thunder. If you notice on the end of the barrel, it has what Mossberg calls a “compensator”. Its supposed to cut down on the upward kick of the gun and to suppress flashes. Also I was told that this model is also used for door breaching. Since I wont be doing to much of that its kinda pointless. But anyway, lets go!

1. First up is the Remington Slugger Rifled Slug. 1oz slug, 2 3/4″ length, 1560fps, 12ga

2. Second up on deck is the Winchester Rack Master HV. 1 1/8oz rifled, 2 3/4″ length, 1625fps 12ga.

3. Last up is the big boy, Winchester Magnum Super X Rifled Slugs, 1oz rifled, 3″ length, and 1760fps, 12ga.

Personally I enjoyed the Remington Slugger because it had the least recoil and was eastest to keep under control.

The Rack masters were a bit rough on the wrist. But had the best accuracy out of the three.

And the Super X was by far the most powerful with the most recoil. And man did these things kick and have a bite on them.

All in all it was a fun day. Maybe next time ill stick with low recoil slugs…

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