LOL-ligaggers Exposed!

My suspicions were correct. There are those of you online that type “LOL” or “lol” withOUT actually Laughing Out Loud.


You have no soul. You make me ill, lol. Aw crap, I just did it too! ROFL!

DANGIT! I am most certainly NOT Rolling On the Floor Laughing right now. That would be ridiculous. And it would be tough to get back up and get back into my chair so I can deceive more people online, LOL.


No really, I meant that. WTF?

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The Battle of the Davids

The DavidsAmerican Idol comes to a close and the roar of the crowd during and after David Archuleta’s performances was evidence that I was right this whole time :). I predicted that David Archuleta would win the whole thing with David Cook coming in the somewhat coveted second. I say coveted because runners-up at American Idol are the ones who get the biggest record sales (except maybe the first idol, Kelly Clarkson)…

David Cook is going to sell a ton of albums no matter what happens tomorrow night. I think Cook is more talented and more experienced, and is more my style. I’d be happy if Archuleta wins too. He’s LDS, which is a plus. It will be interesting to see how a mormon kid is able to let his light so shine as he goes on tour and does a million press conferences, performances and appearances. We shall see.

Enjoy the finale tomorrow night. Remember they love to pull all kinds of surprises. Remember Prince? Yeah, that was HUGE.