My Daughter Hates High School Musical

…and she’s only just beginning middle school.

It was only a year or so ago that my daughter was singing High School Musical as loud as she can, knowing every word and all of the harmonies. I used to endure it in the car just for her, knowing that I was doing something special for her.

Tonight, I put it on for old time’s sake and she completely wigged out. She cupped her ears and ran screaming. Apparently one week of middle school changes a girl.

It’s pretty scary raising our first 11 year old – going on 19. She is all of a sudden too cool for us parents. The transformation is real and it happens very quickly. Enjoy the time you have with your kids while you have them. They will not always want to hang out with you and may even be completely embarrassed by your mere presence in any public setting.


Oh well, I still have thee more to try to brainwash before they get too cool for their ol’ Dad.

For the record, I actually think this soundtrack is pretty good. The songwriting is rather appropriate and better than I would have expected for something like this nowadays.

As far as Zac and Vannessa’s behavior off screen…ugh. But really, they have very little to do with the “music” part of this, so I can easily let them fade out of the picture when I enjoy the songs for what they are.

I wonder what next week’s drama will be. :p

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Ever notice how TV commercials seem to be much louder than the normal programming? Well, it’s not your imagination. Not only is it very annoying to many, it is also not an accident. Those advertisers pay big bucks to get their 30 seconds of face time with you, and they don’t really care about the volume the programming, but want to make sure their ad is at maximum volume (“But this goes to eleven”).

I am thrilled to see that a member of congress is actually taking this seriously by introducing a bill to make the FCC fix this problem. I hope it passes, although I don’t want the enforcement to get so costly to TV stations that they end up having to make even more ads to make up for the lost money. That would be bad for us consumers.

Of course, we could also simply fast forward through the commercials. Tivo does indeed rule, especially when hacked and the 30-second skip is enabled. I get the feeling advertisers don’t really like that either.


What the Frak? A Battlestar Galactica Review in 8 minutes

Battlestar Galactica’s (or SciFi channel’s?) marketing team is definitely in tune with its demographic. This clip is a tongue-in-cheek fangirl type of review of the entire Battlestar Galactica story through season 3. The female narrator does an amazing job of not falling over for lack of oxygen on this amazing rant. This is too great to not share. Warning: if you are interested in watching the series from the beginning, do not watch this video as it will spoil everything.

It’s hilarious for fans and informative to everyone. Enjoy!

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November Sweeps, Bionic Women and Heroes

Today sweeps

Do not attempt to adjust your TV screen. Your national and local news anchors and reporters are all off doing outlandish crazy things to get your attention this month.

Yes, it is time for November sweeps gain. The Nielsen rating system uses certain months to analyze who watched what station and when, so they can give the stations the report, then the stations can show the report to advertisers and brag about how many people love to watch their station, then charge the advertisers more money.

Conversely, if ratings are low, advertising revenues go into the toilet, so it behooves each broadcasting company to make sure they have a good month during November (there are other months too, like May and February, but November leads into the Christmas season, which is the super-retail season, so it tends to matter that much more.

The result is what you see right now on your TV. Matt Lauer reporting live from Greenland/North Pole, with cohorts in the Antarctic and equator, all collaborating live with Meredith Vierra in New York (Today Show, btw) to explain to us “dumb masses” why we need to live without lights and gasoline and how the earth is melting. All of this is part of NBC’s initiative to make this week or month “green”, bringing global warming awareness to all who watch TV.

I also noted that NBC is using their real name more now, “NBC-Universal”, as in , Universal Pictures the studio. Interesting they don’t bring focus on the parent company name, General Electric (GE).

I guess it would sound a bit bit odd taking energy saving tips from a company with a name that contains the word “Electric”, huh? So they go with Universal and call this a Universal initiative. Whatever. Have fun with that.

All this means is that I will have a green peacock symbolNBC Green at the lower left while watching Bionic Woman and Heroes, rather than the rainbow-colored one. By the way, watch for all kinds of crazy plot twists and turns in all of your favorite shows this month. These stunts are also meant to attract more viewers to pad the numbers.

Now, as a consumer, I would prefer the TV stations step it up ALL the time, not just during Nielsen-critical months. It’s almost as if I wish I had a large-scale time-shifting TV, like a Tivo that shifted months, not just days. That way, we can go about our busy lives in November (tell me your month isn’t simply jam-packed??) then watch all of the exciting TV shows whenever we get around to it, say January or so.

Bionic Women

True, you can already do this if you try hard enough and have a Tivo with endless amounts of hard drive storage, but c’mon…I want to know what happens to Katee Sackhoff’s bionic character as soon as possible! (Side note: Sackhoff is WAY hotter and more interesting than the actual Bionic Woman (WhatsHerName) …which is sad. Lucy HaleWorse even, is that her younger sister, played by Lucy Hale is way cuter than her, too. But I digress…)

Another stunt to watch for is Tuesday when Dr. House ends up having to go help the CIA diagnose someone who is dying/dead from a possible bio-terrorist attack.

OK, maybe that sounds sort of cool, but seriously, that’s not your typical House episode, now is it? Just watch and you’ll see how crazy all of the writers get (urged by the networks, of course) on all of your favorite shows (assuming they all still have jobs this week…Oh, and by the way, the writers know that this is sweeps month and know that it would be a harder blow to the networks to go on strike during this critical ratings review month).

Oh, and you won’t be seeing a single rerun for the entire month, IF the strike ends like….now.

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