Conan O’Brien Show Interrupted by Alarm

Conan ObrienDid you see the Late Show with Conan O’Brien tonight? It was crazy! After starting the show with a bit (very funny) about the emergency exits, and after the first guest, Anderson Cooper, the actual alarm in the building went off. Right in the middle of taping. Conan wasn’t sure if the segment they were trying to tape was going to make it so he combined fine improvised comedy with obvious disgust with the way the taping was interrupted. And it didn’t stop there.

Paget BrewsterAfter deciding to keep the whole alarm fiasco IN the show, they moved along to the next guest, the stunning Paget Brewster. OK, so it seemed. But the actual interview was interrupted twice by this same alarm/problem. Conan was about to blow a gasket but maintained enough composure to make it through the show. Paget was very charming and a good sport through it all, but they had to cut the meat of her interview short due to the lost time from the alarms.

I didn’t realize that taped shows were under such strict time guidelines, but apparently they are. So what we have as a result is late night talk show history. I believe Conan comes on another cable channel during the day (previous day’s show) so look it up if you want to see it. Of course, someone will put it on youtube soon, and then it will probably get taken down by NBC or something. Anyway, I had to mention it. (Update: you should be able to see the show here at as well)

And was it just me, or did Lara Logan on Jay Leno just completely mesmerize everyone with her smarts and beauty? You should look that one up too if you can. It was a very sober interview about the things she has seen in war and her life as an international journalist (currently with CBS). James Spader was amazing on the show as well.

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Prison Break – You Have Got to be Kidding Me

Sara Tancredi(SPOILER ALERT)

OK, so it’s a few days late, but I just watched this week’s episode of Prison Break, and I am truly stunned. Most of you probably already know about what happened. Scofield’s love interest, Sara Tancredi was killed. Apparently there were issues with the actor’s (Sarah Wayne Callies) contract, she was having a baby, they were going to kill her off but have her come shoot a few episodes, she didn’t like that idea, or something. The issue is well laid out over at MeeVee.

I agree with this article in the way this story arc was handled:
It’s going to alienate a lot of fans. The show gets some guys who tune in for the action, but female viewers in many cases stick around for Wentworth Miller as Michael. Killing off the love of his TV life seems to make as much sense as Jim strangling Pam in a quiet corner at Dunder Mifflin. Especially after Michael and Dr. Sarah spent most of last season risking life and limb for the chance to be together.

What a sad character arc. Recovering drug addict Dr. Sarah tries to make amends with a job helping inmates at the prison run by her dad. Ends up falling in love with Michael and helping him escape. Exposed, she becomes a national pariah. Relapses. Her dad ends up dead – a murder made to look like suicide, if I remember correctly. Dr. Sarah is tortured by remorse and Agent Kellerman. She finally reunites with Michael in the season-ender only to have him take the fall so she can go free. After which she falls into the hands of kidnappers. Who decapitate her to send a message to the boyfriend. Which doesn’t even get delivered because Linc can’t bear to tell Michael what’s happened.

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I am one of the fans that has been alienated. Out of loyalty, however, I will be watching at least to see what Michael’s reaction to the news ends up being, although that doesn’t make the way this was handled. I mean, if you HAD to kill Sara off, OK, but at least make it dramatic and moving with at least an emotional payoff of some sort.

I am convinced that unless they end up hiring another great looking, voluptuous, vulnerable-looking female actor and somehow get us to want her and Scofield to get together, this show is doomed. Since the odds of that happening in only 17 or so episodes is…actually, wait a sec…that’s a lot of episodes, especially at the pace the whole story this season has been changing, so I guess anything could happen. Hmmm. Maybe the show will live. I’m still very pissed off, though. Bastards.

On a side note, did you know that the actress Sarah Wayne Callies grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii like me? And her parents were professors at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, just like my dad? But she went to Punahou High whereas I went to McKinley High. Interesting tidbit of info there.

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Back To You (Ha Ha Ha Ha) – Shut up!

Back to YouMaybe it’s just me, but I think laugh tracks on sitcoms are condescending. I was reminded of this while watching the latest episode of Back To You last night. I think this is the only sitcom that I watch right now, because I all but swore off sitcoms for the reason of the laugh tracks. BUT, since it’s Kelsey Grammer AND Patricia Heaton (two people I think are excellent comedic actors), I had to give this show a try.

The show is actually very funny, albeit slapstick at times. The newsroom setting is also near and dear to my heart, coming from a TV news background myself. The jokes resound that much more with me.

But why, oh why must we still include the hokey, cheesy, unnecessary laugh tracks in these shows? Do you hear any laughing on The Office? My Name is Earl? No! Do you miss it? Did you even know it wasn’t there before you just read about it here?

What is the origin of the laugh track anyway? I guess I can understand it’s usefulness for decades past, but today’s audiences are much more savvy to what goes into making a show and also able to follow plot lines and jokes better than previous audiences. And it really irks me when the canned laughter is really loud during non-funny moments. I think I’ll decide what’s funny or not, thank you very much.

Which shows do you think should have their laugh tracks removed?

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NEVER give up on the Cowboys!!

Nick Folk

My Dad used to ALWAYS say this during football season. Of course, he was right, and for most of football-loving America tonight, they got to see why.

Dallas 25, Buffalo 24. The “Miracle in Buffalo”: a final 2 seconds field goal from an impossible 53 yards, successfully kicked not once, but twice, (thanks to an “ice-out” last second time-out by the Bill’s coach) by rookie kicker Nick Folk!

I have to admit, the Bills fans were ready, loud and energetictonight, causing the Cowboys all kinds of trouble. But as Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo stated after the game, his team is “resilient” and was able to dig him out of the hole he dug with 5 interceptions.

I almost had a freaking heart attack tonight, watching the Cowboys blunder left and right! SO many close calls! The Bills had the game all but wrapped up and they managed to still blow it. But hey, America is God’s country, right? And the Cowboys are America’s team, so…you do the math. 😉

The Cowboys have some serious work to do to get ready for the Patriots next week, but for the next 6 days, The Cowboys are 5-0, undefeated thus far. The Patriots are 5-0 as well, so someone is going home crying next week.

I have always and always will love the Cowboys. I bleed blue. Never EVER give up on the Cowboys!


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