Sarah on Ukulele

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Sarah likes to embrace anything having to do with Hawaii, since she was born there. Once I showed her how to play the ukulele (very basic things, a few chords and vamps and this waltz), she can’t seem to get enough of it. Here she is playing a waltz that I learned when I was a kid growing up in Hawaii. I don’t think I ever knew the title of it, so if anyone knows it, please post it here.

Sarah is also still getting used to the idea that in order to share your performance on youtube, you have to be videotaped…duh! She’s shy but she did a great job! I think we’ll keep her.


PS – she just started learning bass guitar yesterday…perhaps she will follow in daddy’s footsteps? Heaven help us.

Josh Haley and Emma Anzai..I mean, SICK PUPPIES LIVE, BABY!!!

Emma and I SICK PUPPIES!!! This is one of the ONLY bands from the late 90’s and beyond that I truly hold dear to my heart. These guys truly GET IT. Honest, deep-feeling music with no apologies and no boundaries and endless energy. Their studio recordings are amazing in themselves, but to see them live would be a completely unforgettable experience. I finally got to see them in concert on Monday. I had to drive to Austin to do it, but it was worth it. Heck, I would have traveled much farther!

The opening acts were pretty darn good, too. Saving Abel was loud and proud and had some pretty mean deep grooves going on.

Dropping Daylight was great. They brought a ton of energy to the stage and really got the crowd warmed up well. The newest song they played, which talks about suburbia and getting out of its madness was my favorite and has a great guitar riff/hook to it. Check it out.

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What the Frak? A Battlestar Galactica Review in 8 minutes

Battlestar Galactica’s (or SciFi channel’s?) marketing team is definitely in tune with its demographic. This clip is a tongue-in-cheek fangirl type of review of the entire Battlestar Galactica story through season 3. The female narrator does an amazing job of not falling over for lack of oxygen on this amazing rant. This is too great to not share. Warning: if you are interested in watching the series from the beginning, do not watch this video as it will spoil everything.

It’s hilarious for fans and informative to everyone. Enjoy!

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