Shell comparison in the Mossberg 500 Rolling Thunder

I do a quick review of some shells I picked up at the gun store. Im using a Mossberg 500 Rolling Thunder. If you notice on the end of the barrel, it has what Mossberg calls a “compensator”. Its supposed to cut down on the upward kick of the gun and to suppress flashes. Also I was told that this model is also used for door breaching. Since I wont be doing to much of that its kinda pointless. But anyway, lets go!

1. First up is the Remington Slugger Rifled Slug. 1oz slug, 2 3/4″ length, 1560fps, 12ga

2. Second up on deck is the Winchester Rack Master HV. 1 1/8oz rifled, 2 3/4″ length, 1625fps 12ga.

3. Last up is the big boy, Winchester Magnum Super X Rifled Slugs, 1oz rifled, 3″ length, and 1760fps, 12ga.

Personally I enjoyed the Remington Slugger because it had the least recoil and was eastest to keep under control.

The Rack masters were a bit rough on the wrist. But had the best accuracy out of the three.

And the Super X was by far the most powerful with the most recoil. And man did these things kick and have a bite on them.

All in all it was a fun day. Maybe next time ill stick with low recoil slugs…

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